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Microfiction- Two small stories about greed

Yellow feather
A Golden Feather  A Golden feather brought family happiness, but the mother wanted more misfortune came. Be happy with what you have don't let greed take over.

Greed Greed can become your biggest misfortune
Bibliography; The Golden Goose from More Jataka Tales by Ellen C. Babbitt  Authors note- Both microfictions were based on the Golden Goose folktale that teaches us the consequences of greed. A golden goose one tried to help a poor family by giving them a feather they could sell however the mother's greed took over and tried to take all the goose's feather however the feather changed color when it wasn't the goose's will and became worthless. The goose was able to grow them back and escaped and never came back. The family had been living well with the help of the goose but when greed took over the goose left and the family went back to having money problems.
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Reading Notes- Part A The Golden Goose

The Golden Goose 
Bibliography; The Golden Goose from More Jataka Tales by Ellen C. Babbitt 

In the Golden Goose, the goose was selfless and tried to do a good thing for the poor mother and daughter but the greediness of the mother drove the goose away and gave them a poor future.
The goose feathers were made of gold, as the goose was going by it saw a mother her daughter suffering because they were poor. Seeing them made the goose sad so he thought of a great idea to help the poor family, he would give them one of his feathers so they could sell them and in return get money and would no longer suffer from economical problems. The goose would only give them one feather ever so often. The family never suffered from money again when the goose saw they were going to need money again it would come back and give them another feather. Then one day the mother got greedy and planned to capture the goose and take off all of its feathers away. However, what the mother did not know was that the…

Dessert vs Men

Dessert vs Men 
David was a merchant and right now was the beginning of Spring, This was the peak time to sell produce at the market in town. They lived out of the town and in order to get money for this month they needed to go into town where they would be able to sell their products. The only problem was that in order to get to the market he had to go cross the hot sandy desert to get the town. David prepared his wagon and oxen for the journey he also asked 6 of his workers to go with him on the journey. In order to get ready for the journey, David prepared rice for food and enough water to last them 4 days.  Right before sunset, all the men gathered to set forth in their journey, they began their journey in the evening because it would be impossible to travel through the desert when the scorching hot sun would be hitting them with its rays. One of the workers Peter, was assigned as their guide since he knew how to…

Reading Notes- Part B- Elephant Girly Face

THE ELEPHANT GIRLY-FACE Bibliography; Jataka Tales, Ellen C. Babbit, The Elephant Girly-Face

The Elephant was named Girly-Face because he was gentle, good and kind. However, one day when some robbers came in Girly-Face overheard them talking and saying "A robber must not be afraid to kill. A robber must be cruel and have no pity. He must never be good, even for a moment." when Girly-Face heard this it thought the teaching it how to behave. So after that day it became evil, mean and ruthless even killing two keepers. After, figuring out why Girly-Face was acting this way they made two nice men talk by the elephant. The men said "It is wrong to hurt anyone. It is wrong to kill. Everyone should be gentle and good."Hearing the men's conversation Girly-Face thought to herself "Now those men are teaching me," thought Girly-face. "I must be gentle and good. I must hurt no one. I must not kill anyone.". After that day she returned to her kind self …

Reading Notes Part A- The Sandy Road

Bibliography- Jataka Tales by Ellen C. Babbit, The Sandy Road
Moral of the story- Do not give up always keep trying 
A merchant with his men and oxen traveled through the dessert with packed carts and rice, wood, and water they were trying to cross to the other side in order to sell their things. One person served as the pilot as he knew how to read the stars and they could only travel by night time due to the extremely hot sun the dessert provided. One day the pilot called to the rest of the men that they were almost there so they could throw away the water, rice, and wood. However, when the pilot took a nap something went wrong and the oxen had gone back and therefore they were stuck in the dessert not close to their destination and now without water and firewood. All the men were tried and the hot sun made them, even more, devasted to them they were doomed and they would most likely die here due to dehydration or starvation and oxen also grew weaker as they had no water. The merc…

Week 9 Story: Gandalia and Dhrit

When Princess Gandalia was only five months old she suffered from a terrible fever. The king and queen feared for the death of their only daughter. The fever was very strong and would not go away, after two weeks the doctors were finally able to stop it however because of the length of time her body was exposed to high temperatures it caused her to go blind.
    Gandalia never let her loss of sight affect her life. When she was young she played like all other children and quickly adapted living without the ability to see. If you did not know her personally you would never know she was blind. Gandalia was homeschooled as her parents feared for her safety so she never had many outside friends except for her family and the palace workers. Her favorite hobby was to read romance novels, she would often daydream about one day finding her soulmate, falling in love and living happily ever after like all the characters in her novels. She would often pester her cousins to tell her stories a…