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Biography: First Day of School

First Day of School

Oh man, it was only five o'clock in the morning. Today was a big day I was both excited and scared. It had been three months since we had moved from Mexico to the United States. I was still adapting in my new surroundings but I was excited to go to school. I rushed to my parent's room, waking them up to take me to school.
"Not, in two more hours," they said sleepily. But I could not go back to sleep. I got my clothes ready and played with my toys. Finally mom made breakfast and I quickly ate it ready to go to school. Our house was only three blocks away from school so mom decided to walk me there. When we arrived I was many other kids too and wondered how many friends I was going to make. We finally arrived in my classroom. My teacher had a friendly face and greeted me with a smile. The classroom was full of color, there was a sandbox in the corner, a playhouse and many books to read. I quickly sat on the squared mat ready for my day to begi…
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Microfiction Week 14: A Dog and an Elephant

(Huffington Post)

The Bond of Friendship 
Just like love comes in all shapes and sizes, friendship does too. An elephant and a dog eternal friends with a bond that not even man can break. If separated their bond is so strong that when the one is absent the other suffers greatly. It is as if a part of them has been ripped apart.

He's Gone Food, water, I want none. My best friend is gone, I am sad.  He is back! My smile is has returned. 
Author's note: Based on the story The Faithful Friend from Eastern Stories and Legends by Marie L. Shedlock. Its a sweet story of the strong friendship between a dog and an elephant

Reading Notes: Week 15 Part D

Image: Hare by Pixabay
Bibliography: Eastern Stories and Legends by Marie L. Shedlock

The Hare that Ran Away

In this story, Buddha was born as a lion. Just like he had helped humans now he was to help the animals. However, there was a nervous hare who always asked what was to happen in the earth fall in. One day the hare was by a tree when she heard a slight noise startled by it. The hare was so frightened that it did not realize it was a heavy fruit that fell it was ready to believe anything. the hare said in a frightened tone that the "The Earth is falling in" and started running full speed.
It came across its brother and when asked why she was running she told him "The Earth is falling in". The brother hare told the other hares they all started to run. Soon all the animals large and small were running together frighten because the "The Earth is falling in". When they came across the lion the lion asked them why they were running and they said because …

Reading Notes: Week 15 Part C

Bibliography: Eastern Stories and Legends by Marie L. Shedlock
The Poisonous Tree

Bodhisatta was born a merchant and grew up trading with fice hundred wagons. He came to a road that led to a forest. 

"Poison-trees grow in this forest. Take heed that you taste no unfamiliar leaf, flower. or fruit without first consulting me." 

In the forest, there was a tree that looked like a mango tree. Both in outside appearance and the taste and smell of its fruit. If eaten, however, it was deadly poison and caused instant death. Some greedy people went ahead and still took it to be a mango tree ate the fruit. However, others decided to ask their leader before the ate. The leader told them it was a look-alike tree and should not touch its fruit. The Bodhisatta dosed with an emetic and gave them 4 sweet food to eat so they could recover. When they recovered they made plans to take the things of the others who had yet to eaten the fruit. However, to their disappointment, the others already kne…

Reading Notes: Week 14

Bibliography: Eastern Stories and Legendsby Marie L. Shedlock
Image: Elephant from Huffington Post

Long ago a dog used to state at elephants stable to feed on the food the elephant dropped. They soon became great friends and could not live without the other and neither was happy without the other. The dog used to hold on to the elephant's trunk and swing back and forth. They were happy playing and spending time together.
But one day a peasant came and gave the king money for the dog. The dog was given to him and left. With the absence of the dog, the elephant grew sad and did not want to eat, drink, or bathe. The others grew worried and told the king ad sent Pandit to find out what was causing the elephant to behave like this. The Pandit told the king that there was nothing nearly wrong with the elephant but that he was like this because he missed his friend a dog whom he had grown very fond of.  They looked for the man who had taken the dog and finally brought the dog back. As soo…

Microfiction: Week 13

In the village of Lakenville, townspeople and witches used to live in harmony, but one-day greed had taken upon the villagers. They came up with a plan to trap the witches and use their powers for themselves. Some wanted beauty, others wanted wealth or power. When the witches fell asleep the townspeople quietly crept into their homes. They were equipped with fire sticks, cages, guns, and all sorts of weapons. However, they were not so quiet as the witches quickly woke up. When they saw what the townspeople were planning the swung into action, casting spells back and forth. The head witch was the only one to survive and as she saw her fellow witches' bodies lifeless and becoming dust her anger grew. She yelled at them and cast a curse on the whole town. Those born in the next thirty years will have eyes that will bring death upon the village. Luckily, a fairy was able to decrease the curse for not all future births to be cursed however no one knew who or how many will be curs…

Week 13: A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love
Darkness, tears, suffering, even with a blindfold over my eyes the disastrous future that waits for my family is crystal clear to my eyes.  The day I was blessed by Lord Shiva with one-hundred sons I thought it was the best day ever but why do I keep having this bad feeling. Lord Shiva must have been planning a joke on me. The day I gave birth, my baby was no baby but a shapeless lump. "Oh my lord, what have I done to deserve such thing" I screamed in sadness to the sky. I was ecstatic when Vyasa said he could help me, and he was able to turn that lump into one-hundred beautiful children. I heard whispering and gasps when people in the place saw my kids, they must be so surprised at their beauty, I thought. Years went by, and our sons grew to wonderful and strong men.

However, one day we received news that Kunti was coming back to the palace with her five sons. I grew worried their presence would bring no good to my family. My predictions were correct as…