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Reading Notes Part A- The Sandy Road

Bibliography- Jataka Tales by Ellen C. Babbit, The Sandy Road
Moral of the story- Do not give up always keep trying 
A merchant with his men and oxen traveled through the dessert with packed carts and rice, wood, and water they were trying to cross to the other side in order to sell their things. One person served as the pilot as he knew how to read the stars and they could only travel by night time due to the extremely hot sun the dessert provided. One day the pilot called to the rest of the men that they were almost there so they could throw away the water, rice, and wood. However, when the pilot took a nap something went wrong and the oxen had gone back and therefore they were stuck in the dessert not close to their destination and now without water and firewood. All the men were tried and the hot sun made them, even more, devasted to them they were doomed and they would most likely die here due to dehydration or starvation and oxen also grew weaker as they had no water. The merc…

Week 9 Story: Gandalia and Dhrit

When Princess Gandalia was only five months old she suffered from a terrible fever. The king and queen feared for the death of their only daughter. The fever was very strong and would not go away, after two weeks the doctors were finally able to stop it however because of the length of time her body was exposed to high temperatures it caused her to go blind.
    Gandalia never let her loss of sight affect her life. When she was young she played like all other children and quickly adapted living without the ability to see. If you did not know her personally you would never know she was blind. Gandalia was homeschooled as her parents feared for her safety so she never had many outside friends except for her family and the palace workers. Her favorite hobby was to read romance novels, she would often daydream about one day finding her soulmate, falling in love and living happily ever after like all the characters in her novels. She would often pester her cousins to tell her stories a…

Reading Notes: Part B Fight For the Throne

Bibliography:  Mahabharata: Karmic Revolution online film by Epified TV (India)

The Fight for the Throne: Pandavas vs Kauravas

GandhariShakuni- her brother and Duryodhana's mentorDhritarashtra's Pandu Kunti DuryodhanaPandavasBhimaBhishma- Grandfather  Events Gandhari grew nervous and afraid when she found out Kunti was raising kids so she got pregnant as fast as she could in order to keep the throne in her familyHowever, it born with no life but Ved Vyasa forbid the flesh to be a throne and put them in 100 vats of oil and but 100 parts of  the lump into each one there Gandhari's 100 sons born ( something demonic about them) Duryodhana was their eldest- In line for the throne When Kunti returned with her 5 sons a new war was born Duryodhana began to grow envious of Bhima because of Bhishma's favoritism towards himhe felt left out and as he isolated himself his hatred grew and  He lost in a wrestling fight against BhimaShakuni told Duryodhana that if he did no…

Reading Notes: Part A- The Blind Bride

Biography; Based on The Mahabharata: Karmic Revolution by Epified TV (India) YouTube video series about Mahabharata. I focused on the blind bride video 

Princess Gandhari and Dhritarashtra A Beautiful Love Story

Possible Titles: Love Before Sight, Sacrifices of Love

The premise of this story is Gandhari's noble choice to blindfold herself so she too would be blind like her husband. I think it is her way of trying to walk in his shoes and also showing him that she is serious about their union and that she does not care whether he can see or not unlike her brother and father. Shakuni her brother was fierce about the decision Gandhari took, for him, she was ruining her life. He will be the villain/ antagonist in the story. All of Hastinapur was happy for them of course except her brother. I think it will be nice to explore more of the path and metal journey Gandhari went through when she made her decision. The video also states that she said she always knew her future husband would …

Week 8 Progress

I started pretty good in getting my work done and turned in and then I a lot of things started piling up and my schedule became a complete mess. I began my first job a few weeks ago and other personal matters started to cause me to stress which made me fall behind in my schedule and work for this class. It was many things piling up at once that I did not know how to manage them, this week I have finally started to get the hang of it. I used to use an app for organization and keeping up my schedule but I found that was not working for me, therefore this week I'm starting a new method in planning which is writing things down in a planner. I have found that writing to-do lists and schedule my day by hours has really helped me in staying on track, not procrastinating and getting things done. I wanted to work on Wednesday, Fridays, and Saturdays but those are the days that I work. I am going to change my workdays for this class to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays where I have more fre…

Week 8 Comment Feedback

I have been enjoying reading the comments left n my stories and introductions. I help me see where I need improvement and it also helps to see what type of storylines do people enjoy. The most helpful ones are the comments that give suggestions on how I could take the story or even giving me a whole other take on a story. I started giving good feedback/ comments but these past two weeks my schedule got really packed and other things happened that caused me to fall behind. Luckily, I think I finally organized my schedule again and I can get back on track. I find it hard at times to give helpful feedback, therefore, I still need more improvement in that area. I enjoy reading other stories and kind of get a sense of who they are based on their writing style. In the future, I need to improve my skills in giving more helpful feedback, feedback that includes suggestions and other ways to improve their stories. I also found it hard to do the feedback assignment in which we became the charact…

Week 8 Reading and Writing

This Image is one of my favorites because looking at it takes me back to my childhood and memories of my grandfather. I also like how you can see the grandfather's soft expressions and smiling as he is giving her the icecream. When I look at the little girl's face, I can see this admiration she has for her grandfather. The dalmatian trying to eat the ice cream is a plus and it gives this comedic effect to the mural.

Looking back at my reading and story posts, I can see that I still need improvement. However, for being my first time experience with writing stories I don't think my stories are too bad. I always struggle on how to write reading notes, and the "read like a writer" to me it is easiest to summarize stories and then look back at it and pick out things I feel as inspiration. I don't know if this is a good method but it has worked the best for me. My favorite type of stories to write are relationship-themed, mainly because I get inspired by shows, dr…