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Introduction to a Science,Travel and Hiking enthusiast!

City view of Guanajuato, Mexico
Taken by me 

Hello everyone!!
My name is Monica Avila, I was born in Guanajuato, Mexico and moved to the U.S. when I was five, I can speak Spanish, English and a little bit of Portuguese (currently learning). I am a senior here at OU (Wow can't believe I'm saying senior time flies by so fast). I am a Health and Exercise Science major. I'll be graduating this spring, my plans so far are to take a year off and work and travel a little maybe go for masters in health promotion but I'm still not sure yet. In the future, I hope to go to grad school for physical therapy and work with either the elderly or children. I love science and learning about the human body. The way the human body works and manages to keep us alive is so amazing, learning all the mechanics of it is one of my favorite parts of my major. Therefore, some of my favorite classes have been Human Anatomy and Exercise Physiology.

Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The photo was taken by me 

Outside of my major, I also love learning about different places and cultures and I think that is where my fascination with traveling began. I probably spend way to much time looking through travel blogs, books, and YouTubers. Every country is so unique and not just its landscapes but its people and history, culture and traditions. I have a computer file with all the places I want to go to and all the possible information I will need. So far I have only traveled through Mexico and Brazil but in the future, I hope to one day travel to the six continents (sorry Antarctica you're a little too cold for me).

I had mentioned my love for nature before in my Favorite Places post, my favorite season is Fall because of all the beautiful colors that you can see during this time also the cool weather is a huge plus. One of my favorite things to do is hiking and it saddens me that Oklahoma doesn't have many places to hike or at least close to where I live (If you know of places please tell me). I love hiking and going on nature walks because it gives you time to just relax, let go of all stresses for a moment and focus on the beautiful sceneries around you.

This is just a little bit about me I'm super excited about this course and learning about Indian Epics!


  1. Hi Monica, great to meet you!! I really like your zest for life and love for traveling that comes through in your blog. Something I'm super jealous of is your ability to speak 3 languages, it's been such a huge struggle for me to learn more than one so I definitely admire multilingual people. I also am sad about Oklahoma's lack of mountains. I come from a city in Arizona surrounded by mountains, so when I first moved here I kept turning my head because I kept thinking I was missing something on the horizon.

  2. Hi Monica, it's nice to meet you! I think it's so funny how you mentioned your love for the classes Anatomy and Physiology because I've had a lot of friends take those classes too and they've only ever said bad things haha. Also have you ever heard of Beaver's Bend? It's in Oklahoma and I went a couple years back to camp in a cabin. My family and I didn't do much hiking but I do remember going up this one paved mountain and the view was so beautiful! I would recommend going in the fall or winter because the air was so crisp and fresh.

  3. Oh wow, what a beautiful photo of Guanajuato, Monica! I love the way old cities have a visible center like that, where the architecture tells you something about the identity of the town and what people wanted to see in the place where they lived. It looks lovely! And yay for bilingualism! And trilingualism! That is the kind of thing we need more of in this world. I wish we could magically travel to India for this class (and it's a country of MANY languages: Languages of India... of which English is one: that's colonialism for you!). Maybe you can plan a hike-India trip where you could see some of the mountain temples and shrines. And then, if you ever get the chance to go there, you'll have your hiking itinerary ready to go! :-)

  4. Hi Monica!
    I love hiking too. I wish Oklahoma had more hiking (or at least more hiking with less ticks haha). I have been to Robbers Cave in Oklahoma and that was fun. I went in January, so I don't know if the ticks are bad or not in the warmer months. I have also been to Turner Falls. Those are the only spots I have been in Oklahoma so far, but both have a bit of terrain! In your post you talk about how you love to learn about different cultures and places. Would you ever want to hike the tallest peaks on each continent?

  5. Hi Monica!
    Thats awesome that you are fluent in english and spanish! A goal of mine is to be fluent in spanish on day because I took 5 years of spanish in highschool but I sadly didn't follow through with it in College but I really regret not minoring in it. One thing we have in common is when I graduate I also want to take some time off of school and work a little before I come back. In your indroduction you said that you would want to travel to each continent, are there any specific countries you would want to visit in each continent?

  6. Hey Monica!
    That's super neat that you have been able to experience multiple cultures, and can speak more than just one language. I wonder how you ended up finding OU and living in Oklahoma? I would love to go to Brazil one day! I'm sure you will be able to accomplish your goal of traveling to the six continents. Congratulations on your imminent graduation! After you graduate would be the perfect time to get some of that traveling in. My brother was also a health and exercise major and is in the Masters program now. He even wants to be a physical therapist eventually as well! I hope you have a great final semester at OU, best of luck with all of your future endeavors.

  7. Hi Monica!
    It is so nice to meet you! That is so impressive that you can speak 3 languages. I'm about to take my 3rd semester of Spanish and I can barely remember a thing! That's awesome that you will be graduating this semester and that you have a plan set for the future. I definitely admire your passion for science and your drive to help others; we need more people like you in the world! I also like hiking. I think Turner Falls would be a good place for a nature walk, or maybe Mount Scott! I've walked around at Lake Thunderbird a few times, and the sunset is beautiful to watch there. I wish you the best this semester, and safe future travels!!

  8. Hey, Monica! Nice to meet you! I think it is so interesting that you are a health major, things like that never interested me much, but I really applaud you for it! You and I have a lot in common in that we like to travel and I think it is so cool you can speak multiple languages. I have only been out of the country twice, both times to Haiti, but I will be going to Italy this May and I cannot wait! I am excited that you get to take time off to travel, I'm kind of jealous myself!

  9. Hi Monica!

    I loved reading your pst and think it is amazing you know 3 languages! I would love to learn a second but have a hard time learning it if you have any tips or tricks let me know! I am also taking a gap year (or two) and am excited to just worry about work and getting everything ready for a masters program and eventually a doctorate!

  10. Monica,

    It's so cool that you can speak more than one language. I really wanted to learn Spanish when I was in high school- I thought it would be so useful. Plus, people who speak multiple languages tend to be really intelligent. I mean thinking in two languages?! That sounds so hard, but the reward is so worthwhile.
    In that same realm, travel is amazing. Speaking other languages just gives you so many options for exciting travel! You don't have to stick to the stereotypical things that all tourists do. You can explore on your own and have fun! Honestly, this sounds amazing, and I hope you have the opportunity to travel to all kinds of exciting places!

  11. Hi Monica! I think it is so cool that you can speak multiple languages. I am really terrible with languages so anyone who can speak more than one impresses me a lot, haha. I also love hiking and have the same dilemma as you--there are very few good hiking places in Oklahoma. I got tired of the Wichita Mountains after hiking the same trails there over and over, and all the other hikes in Oklahoma are just not satisfying enough. At least it makes the hiking experiences even more fun when we travel since we don't take them for granted! Anyways, hope you have a great semester!

  12. Hello Monica,
    That's great that you've chosen a profession you care so much about and that you'll be able to use it to benefit others. My dad has relied on physical therapy a lot after surgeries he's had, so I'm sure you'll be able to help others the same way. I am looking forward to reading more of your writing this semester!

  13. Hello Monica, nice to meet you! That is so cool that you can speak all those languages; I think language is one of the best ways to connect with the world beyond our own! I am also very interested in exploring different cultures. I’m Indian, but I’ve been able to study abroad in Italy and pick up minors in International Studies and Spanish. I’m always looking for a new place to learn about and am very fascinated by cultures around the world (much like you!). I am also a big fan of Fall, especially because I think it is so pretty outside and you can dress the cutest in the Fall!

  14. Hey Monica! Love to see a fellow travel buff! Its super interesting that you've explored so much of South/Central America, because I have never been further south than just across the Mexican border, but I have traveled throughout Europe and the Caribbean! Haha also if someone gave me the chance, I definitely would go visit Antartica. Just think of how cool it would be to see miles and miles of just blank landscape like an alien planet! Well anyway good luck with your final semester and I can't wait to read your stories in class!

  15. Hi Monica,

    I loved getting to read about you and hear some of your favorite things. I think it is awesome you have a passion for helping children or the elderly, that is amazing. I also love watching youtube and blogs from other places because it is so fascinating how things are so different in other places! Good luck graduating and have fun traveling!

  16. Hey Monica! I will also be graduating this spring! I cannot believe that we are almost done. Learning about other cultures is super interesting and I think that is a great way to become more knowledge about the world and just wise in general. I also love fall but that could be because my birthday is in November. Best of luck the rest of this semester!

  17. Hey Monica!
    Congrats on making to senior year! I bet that is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. Your major seems very interesting for sure. Taking a year off to travel does sound like a good idea because them you can relax and try to pinpoint what you want to get your masters in. I hope this semester goes well for you!

  18. Hi Monica!
    Your major sounds really interesting and exciting. I thought about maybe going into a major like that earlier before I declared my major in journalism. I think it is awesome that you are from Mexico. I have been there many times with my family on vacation and we love the country! My biggest question is where else have you living in the US and why did you choose OU in particular for college?

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Hello Monica! First, I have to start by saying your pictures really catch my eye. I always wanted to visit Mexico as a good portion of my family originates from there and it’s so close! I agree with you that when you’re busy the time flies by. It’s awesome that you’re almost done. I too love the human anatomy although as a Chemistry Major I’m on a slightly different track. Best of luck going forward. Remember if you don’t love what you’re doing, do something different!

  21. Hi Monica! Congratulations on making it to senior year! I'm personally doing everything in my power to avoid any more schooling after my undergrad, so props to you for being willing to take that next step! While I personally don't do much hiking, I've heard good things about Turkey Hill up in Tulsa. If you don't mind a bit of a drive, the Wichita mountains are also pretty good. Plus you can take the scenic route back to Norman through a nature preserve. That's how I saw my first Buffalo!

  22. Hi Monica!
    Literally congrats on graduating this semester. Sorry about how your senior year has gone with the coronavirus, but maybe you are going to get some quality time before continuing more schooling. I do agree with you about hiking in Oklahoma. We have some okay hikes. I love the Wichita's (I recommend the Narrows or Charon's Garden). Or I would take a drive to surrounding states for better views! The view is always definitely worth it!

  23. Hi Monica!

    Congrats on graduating this semester that very exciting! It's kind of a downer about having this semester end early but I hope you have enjoyed the rest of your college experience. During this Quarantine time I have been living in Norman and got bored so my roommates and I started to go hiking which I usually never do unless I'm on vacation in the mountains. We went to turner falls but it was closed but we found some trail near the Wichita they we are going to go back to next time.

  24. Hello Monica,
    You're from Mexico? That's really cool; I've been to Mexico a few times, but never to the city of Guanajuato. Maybe I'll add your hometown to my own travel file on my computer. I enjoy hiking a lot as well. Unfortunately the Norman area isn't very ecologically diverse so there isn't much out here besides flat prairie land. You could always take a mini road trip though- Arkansas isn't too far away!

  25. Hi Monica,
    I love the fall too; it is just the best since it’s not insanely cold but it’s not a furnace either. Traveling is the best and I wish I had more time for it. I have not been out of the country before but there is still so much I haven’t seen even just here in Oklahoma. I go to a different state every year though if we can make it happen. Portuguese would be such an interesting language to learn. It is very nice to meet you.

  26. Hey Monica! You have a wonderful website here! I am a huge fan of the fall! Mostly because my birthday is late October and I love the season! It also means I can start wearing Jeans everyday! SO much happens in the Fall like a new semester and that means friends! I hope you have a good rest of your life!

  27. Hi Monica!
    Wow! You have such an interesting background! What was it like growing up in Mexico? I agree! I am fascinated about how chemistry and biology comes to life in the human body, and it has always interested me into the world of medicine. I am also a big fan of fall. It is such a cozy time of the year. Good luck with everything!

  28. Hello Monica,
    I'm considering taking a year off after I graduate as well. I would love to be able to travel more before settling down and getting an adult job. That's wonderful that you want to be a physical therapist. They have the ability to improve people's quality of life so much, and it sounds like you're passionate about it.


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