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Week 3 Story: Love at First Sight

Wedding of Prince Rama and Princess Sita as depicted in 'The Ramayana'
Image Source: Infinite Eyes in flicker

I stood there for a moment staring at my reflection, my whole body embellished in the finest clothes and jewels. I still couldn't believe it, today is the day. My body was filled with nerves and excitement all at once. Suddenly a large smile adorned my face as I remembered our first encounter and the events that came after...
After we successfully helped Vishvamitra win in the battle against the rakshasas, Lakshmana kept bothering me to accompany him in exploring the city. All I wanted to do was rest after the long day but after a lot of convincing I finally gave in. We were accompanied by a hermit and finally set out to explore the city of Mithila ruled by the great King Janaka. The city was beautiful and full of life and the smells from the marketplace filled our noses, we walked for a while and later made our way to  King Janaka's palace, where we would be staying.
We entered the large palace. As we were passing by, the garden caught my attention and I made my way to pick some flowers. The palace garden was full of many different vibrant colors coming from the variety of flowers that filled the place. There was a large glistening lake with water so clear and blue you could see the base and lotus flowers floating on top of it. Bees and butterflies flying from flower to flower. As I was picking up flowers I suddenly heard light footsteps getting closer, feeling the presence of another being I turned around and my eyes met with the most beautiful two large sparkling pupils. In that second the world seemed to have stopped, it could have been only a few seconds in real time but for me, it seemed like hours had gone by because at that moment I lost my ability to think, speak and move as I lost myself in her mesmerizing gaze. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, she had large dark eyes, a heavenly golden complexion, a smile so bright and white that could light up the darkest place. I smiled at her and responded with a shy smile and quickly diverted her gaze and the gardens with her maids. I turned to Lakshmana and said, "She is the woman I will marry and give all my love to until the end of time". Of course, I did not know at that time I was going to have to use all the strength in me in order to break the bow of God Shiva in order to be able to marry her as that was the challenge her Father King Janaka put.

Today, I once again look into those beautiful dark pupils but they no longer belong to a stranger but to my soon to be wife Sita. It was the happiest moment of his life because, at the moment, I had no idea of the difficulties that laid ahead of us.

Authors note: This story is inspired by The Divine Archer by F. J. Gould specifically the part where Rama first meets Princess Sita and falls immediately in love. My version is retold in Rama's points of view and is what was going through his mind. It is also a summarized version of the whole story. Many events between the first meeting and the wedding are missing. For example, I lightly touch on Rama breaking the bow to be able to marry Sita. This is actually a much larger and important event but my main focus was on their meeting. This is just the beginning of their story. 


  1. Good job with the story! I also did this story, but I really like the direction you went with yours. The first person point of view made it more personal to Rama 's emotions and thoughts. In the original story, it didn't really focus on how he was feeling, rather than the vents in the story. I think you made his character have more depth by diving deeper into his thoughts and his awe when he first sees Sita. There was also good imagery within your story too.

  2. I like the perspective of the story. I do this with my boyfriend all the time. I tell him to tell me stories from our life. There was a little capitalization mistake "exploring the city. all I wanted to " The word all I believe should be capitalized. I love that you incorporated the senses. Maybe you could share with the audience what the market place smells like. I really think you did a great job telling this love story. I think i am going to use this story to turn into a rhyme for my story.

  3. Wow! I thought you did a brilliant job of capturing the details of Rama's new encounter with this city, as well as his first moments of seeing Sita. From the perspective you used, I truly felt as though I entered into Rama's mind. To be honest, I think the story from this perspective does a better job than even the one I originally read of detailing just how out of sorts Rama was from seeing this girl for the first time.

  4. This is awesome! I loved the way that you wrote in first person point of view. I feel that it really captured the emotion and essence of the story. I was really able to get a feel for where Rama's head was during the first time he met Sita. Your description words and the way you wrote this piece was beautiful! Overall, great job. I appreciate the emotion you were able to convey through your story.


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