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Reading Notes- Part B- Elephant Girly Face


Bibliography; Jataka Tales, Ellen C. Babbit, The Elephant Girly-Face

The Elephant was named Girly-Face because he was gentle, good and kind. However, one day when some robbers came in Girly-Face overheard them talking and saying "A robber must not be afraid to kill. A robber must be cruel and have no pity. He must never be good, even for a moment." when Girly-Face heard this it thought the teaching it how to behave. So after that day it became evil, mean and ruthless even killing two keepers. After, figuring out why Girly-Face was acting this way they made two nice men talk by the elephant. The men said "It is wrong to hurt anyone. It is wrong to kill. Everyone should be gentle and good."Hearing the men's conversation Girly-Face thought to herself "Now those men are teaching me," thought Girly-face. "I must be gentle and good. I must hurt no one. I must not kill anyone.". After that day she returned to her kind self again.
Whereas, I do believe that behavior is learned and the way taught and thing a person hears ultimately shapes who that person becomes. I also believe that we are all the power in us to chose our own destiny. Sometimes a person can be surrounded by bad but they decided to break that cycle and become good whereas a person can be surrounded by good things and teachings but become bad.
Image: Elephant Line Art by Karen Arnold


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