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Reading Notes- Part A The Golden Goose

The Golden Goose 

Bibliography; The Golden Goose from More Jataka Tales by Ellen C. Babbitt 

In the Golden Goose, the goose was selfless and tried to do a good thing for the poor mother and daughter but the greediness of the mother drove the goose away and gave them a poor future.
The goose feathers were made of gold, as the goose was going by it saw a mother her daughter suffering because they were poor. Seeing them made the goose sad so he thought of a great idea to help the poor family, he would give them one of his feathers so they could sell them and in return get money and would no longer suffer from economical problems. The goose would only give them one feather ever so often. The family never suffered from money again when the goose saw they were going to need money again it would come back and give them another feather. Then one day the mother got greedy and planned to capture the goose and take off all of its feathers away. However, what the mother did not know was that the goose's feathers would change color and become worthless if its feathers were taken against its will. The mother took all of it feathers but they became worthless, the goose was able to grow its feathers again and escaped and never came back. The mother's greediness ruined it for them as they went back to being poor.


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